We Grow Up (Sometimes...)

Filmed in one take, on a hill in the middle of Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley. I set the camera up at the base of the hill, during a cloudless sunset to achieve the perfect backlit silhouette. I hit record and "danced" through each performance, left to right. A click track set to the meter of the song guided me, and thankfully all the performances synced up in post. Think of it like this: one full video, chopped into three segments, and overlaid such that each performance is happening simultaneously. 

Frequent Flyer

This type of video happens when you have limited resources. Filmed during the beginning of the 2020 Pandemic, the shoot had a simple recipe: one part desk lamp, one part wall, and one part dancing fool. Others have speculated that this is the scene from inside Plato's cave, yet no one has emerged to confirm.

Say Goodbye (To Begin)

I broke out into a sweat as I awoke in the second story of the only YMCA in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a mild but persistent fever of 101F, I felt more annoyed than fatigued. Having missed out on my class's trip to the Batu Caves, I felt determined to turn this into more than just a scholastic opportunity. I had, in the previous year, filmed some synchronized singing footage in Kyoto, Japan after a routine argument with the GF. Trying to put on a pretty face while being filmed by an angry significant other is a daunting task, but not impossible. Needless to say on both occasions we succeeded in obtaining the footage. The biggest challenge? Surprisingly, monkeys.

Living the Dream:

In late 2016 I had a lot of feelings going on. For some reason these feelings cumulated in the desire to write an "indie" song. Sitting on my porch just out of reach of the Tacoma rain, I came up with "Living the Dream." Both LTD and Say Goodbye were part of a collection of songs I recorded during the summer of 2017 in my dad's garage. I couldn't release them that year due to a study abroad trip coinciding with my last year of college (thesis, presentations, job search etc.), but mixing these songs while on a bus rolling through the Mongolian steppe was sure surreal!

4th of July

4th of July

Honestly, I wrote a song called 4th of July and I figured I had to release it day-of. June was a mad dash to say the least. My favorite moment by far is the last shot, featuring me sitting on the beach for a 4hr time-lapse. Enjoy my pain.