"My guitar came to my father in a dream"


My guitar came to my father in a dream, and demanded (kindly but persuasively) that he pass the instrument down to me. Now all I have to do is remain childless and I can keep the thing forever!

Over the years I have played in several bands and had the wonderful opportunity to tour around the world. Whether it be a European tour featuring a financial hemorrhage of proportions not experienced by any indie band before or since, or a Mediterranean cruise headed by a mysterious woman who also liked to keep our paychecks a mystery, there were always opportunities for learning and exploration. These days, for whatever reason, I am more inlined towards the simplicity of a solo endeavor, and a more calculated approach when it comes to collaboration. I make music for music's sake, but I often find myself behind the computer doing management, promotion, operations etc. These days artists have to wear many hats, and I have a big head.

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